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Month 6 - Steps, not always in the right direction

I shall try to keep this update a little shorter having promised to only write when there was a significant update to be shared.

We got a fabulous car this month, and now the world is again our Oyster.  No more dashing to doctors' appointments through the pouring rain wrapped in picnic blankets!  Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping us track down the right vehicle for our needs, space for both José and Bradley was a challenge but we managed it.

Unfortunately we haven't been able to use the car yet as José's mouth never improved and he ended up with an infection which moved to his chest a couple of weeks ago.  I'm sorry to report that this resulted in him returning to intensive care and being back-on on a ventilator.  He is doing well and getting frustrated by my lack of lip-reading skills (not easy when he's got a tube in his mouth!).  Once a bed becomes available José will be transferred to Stanmore where he will again wean off the ventilator and build up his skin tolerance.

We were really touched this month that José's old running club has elected to raise money for him this year.  They aim to buy equipment to help him exercise, probably an FES bike.  The first fundraising activity is Christine shaving her beautiful hair off!  I'm sure they won't mind me sharing the link JustGiving I expect there will be plenty of other activities over the year.

Thank you to everyone for your continued wishes and support.

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