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Introducing Zulu

On the 25th of April 2015 at approximately 8:30am a 999 call was placed to the emergency services. A cyclist had been found in Oxleas Woods at the bottom of a short 45 degree slope. He was conscious but struggling to breathe, he reported no pain but was unable to move. The air ambulance road crew were dispatched as well as a local paramedic. He was carrying no identification so they called him Zulu.

On 25th of April 2015 at approximately 7:30am I waved goodbye to my husband José and headed off to work. I arrived at Kings Cross to open up the building and to await the arrival of the volunteers who would run the day's meal service. Just before 09:30am I got a call from the builder who was finishing off the exterior paintwork on our house. A stranger had brought Bradley home saying there had been an accident. Then I waited. I waited for the volunteers to arrive. I waited for the paramedic to call. I waited for my boss so I could leave. I waited at the hospital for the ambulance to arrive. I waited for news.

On 25th of April 2015 at approximately 8:00am José took our dog Bradley for his morning walk in Oxleas woods.  They took the off-road push bike so Bradley could get a really good run. It was a damp but not unpleasant morning.  Bradley met some friends, stole a croissant, did what any 11-month old chocolate Vizslador would do. Then José went down a slope - nothing massive, nothing dangerous, nothing out of the ordinary.  A slope he had taken many times before, he took it slowly as it was a bit slippery. He didn't slip. He stopped. The front tyre hit something, the bike stopped and José went over the handlebars. He landed on his head (cracking his helmet), then came to rest face-down on the ground. He remembers Bradley licking his face and then barking until someone arrived. Trying to give his name and address, and the first paramedic. Then it's blank.

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